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How to find the model of your iPad (click here) How to hard reset your iPad or iPhone = DFU mode (click here) Down load firmware for ipad (click here)
By the way this is the way to fix it when you are getting an internal error for a couple of reasons. Reason One: internal server error when visual editor is on in wordpress- the below solution works then you need to login to the blog admin after you have done the procedure below and […]
Go cheap I always say…(tongue in cheek) that is to say save money on the things that you can, but buy things that will last!  I could start a whole rant here on why Heinz is better than Hunts and why you buy name brand cereal, but when it comes to wire HDMI (and this […]
I was frustrated so hopefully this will help you. I get my voicemails as .wav attachments in an email and it got so I couldn’t click to open them or save them and then try and open them. Here is my error and problem – everytime that I try to open or save “wav” files […]
I guess the best thing you could conclude is that we are blessed and have more than we could ask for or imagine if my daughter also has an iPhone…that we are now jailbreaking, huh?! Well my princess went to bed while her brother and I messed with his new toy…and she told me it […]
here we sit the 3 of us and Steve the Dog at our feet ready to launch Redsn0w and jailbreak my son’s phone. This has bee long awaited and much antiscipated. Here we go start the timer 02:15 GMT so 02:22 GMT we held our breath and did step 3 (thank you iclaried) and boom […]
Iphone Firmware download Iclarified step by step instructions Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 through iTunes will update your baseband, potential removing or ruining your chances for an unlock. Please follow this tutorial on how to update to iOS 5.1.1 using a custom ipsw if you need an unlock. Remember to save your SHSH Blobs […]
So I communicate with my clients now via text as I am sure many people do however, unlike my CRM with email, call logs, etc that is not really attached anywhere to my client record.  I thought it might be appropriate to put some of that data into my CRM, but first of all I […]
Well, we had a failed attempt at this a year or so ago and now Matthew and I successfully completed a jailbreak of his 3G and this screen really made him cheer! Directions then this one really fired him up too!
Okay for the last 2 months plus it has been driving me nuts I thought my iPhone was actually missing app icons, they show up in itunes I can search and find them, but I could not get the icons to show up anywhere on my home screen or folders.  I thought it was an […]
Obligatory Will Rogers quotes

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

There are 3 kinds of people the one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.