Missing or Hidden App icons on iPhone…how to get them back!

Okay for the last 2 months plus it has been driving me nuts I thought my iPhone was actually missing app icons, they show up in itunes I can search and find them, but I could not get the icons to show up anywhere on my home screen or folders.  I thought it was an error and from some bad install of a program from cydia, well not it’s not.  After deleting them, losing my data and reinstall them, same problem => today I found the simple solution, click here to get it only $.99 JUST KIDDING!

If your phone is jailbroken it is probably as simple as this:

Go to sbsettings>more>hide apps and make sure it’s not hidden

there fixed, wasn’t that easy! Welcome back soundhound and aero weather!

Obligatory Will Rogers quotes

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