Syncing your iPod/iPhone to a new iTunes library?

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Syncing your iPod/iPhone to a new iTunes library? …a nice step by step story!

I have spent 4 days trying to prep for this and chickening out 3 different times, glad I read this even though I had done the steps I left out, one the most important one!

copy the backup to the new computer 1st

without this it would have been a disaster or at least added several more painful hours of app rearranging and contact hassles. Fortunately I copied it first and life seems to be good and now I get the other 300+ songs I was missing on my phone back, finally after 9 months.

It was like having a baby, huh?! I’m not a woman so I can say that :) so far so good, only spent 4 hrs tonight, WOW!  and its 232am did I mention that I have stuff to do tomorrow and needed a good night’s rest?!

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