Formatting text and report Fields in MS Access

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I wanted to add a line break to a field I was outputting on a report.  I had combined two fields the subject field and the notes field from a call log.  It appeared as a run-on sentence, but in between the subject and the notes portion I put a label to clarify where the notes portion started, but it was still a run-on so I added the following Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) in between the two fields and it worked like a champ to kick the notes to the next line and still look right!

here is my example in access field format:

=”Subject: ” & [subject] & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) & “Notes: ” & [notes]

here is what it looks like on the report:

Subject: I spoke with John Boy
Notes: He said thank for your help send me the draft of the new report!

see easy… I would like to have bolded the field titles, I mean you gotta go the whole way right, but too much hassel?!

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