Jailbroken iPhone won’t find or connect to wifi network

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Well so my phone is jailbroken I keep trying this new app and that new app, with some fear of ‘is this going to brick it’!? I guess it is no different than getting used to speed on a motorcycle or anything else you once faced or endured with some trepidation.

So now it’s my iPhone wifi or lack of, changed my network name, etc, etc now it doesn’t work. So I thought at worst my 3G still works, so I guess I could get over it. So if you’re tinkering what’s the difference? Back to the book…here you go easy solution!

From the Home Screen, click “Settings”. From there scroll down to “General”, From there scroll to the bottom click “Reset”, then “Reset Network Settings” and then…Accepting the warning that makes you think ‘uh oh it’s all over I am doing something dangerous again!’ Click the giant red button, the iPhone resets I went back into Settings -> Wifi, see my network, connected and it worked!


Reset - Don't Freak!


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