Jailbreaking an Iphone from a novice!

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Well my son and I are going to attempt to jailbreak an iphone, we have talked about it and talked about, now with trepidation and excitement we are beginning the process.


Sn0breeze steps

One of the reasons for the ‘break’ http://intelliborn.com/mywi.html

iClarified Tutorial found out during this exercise that when my old iphone was replaced, they gave me a refurbished one.  Not a big shock, but info to have (iPhone Serial Decoder) 5K=used/refurbished 1st 2 digits of serial #! If you don’t identify “Old or New” on the ‘fixed model’ of your phone you will not be able to restore it or that is to say you will have to reinstall everything!  Just read the above tutorial, I’ll let you know how I end up!

Well after spending 1hr + reading, downloading and trying to understand and comprehend the process I have decided I have at least 2 more hours ahead of me, at least 2 more so I am deferring to after everyone’s bedtime!

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