How to program a Kia Soul Homelink Garage Door Opener

So my mom got a new Kia Soul and the owners manual doesn’t really give much instruction on how to program it and the salesman tried to give me the 30 second version, but below is a detailed version that works.

  1. vehicle ignition should be on the “ACC” position 1st key turn
  2. when programming for the first time you need to press the two outside buttons (the house with 1 dot and the 3 dots), releasing when the indicator lights begin to flash (approx. 20 seconds) This erases the factory-set default codes. DO NOT perform this step when programming additional transmitters.
  3. Hold the transmitter you want to encode into the homelink 3 inches or so away from the bottom of the mirror. Simultaneously press the homelink button you want to “train” and the transmitter button. The indicator light will flash slowly at first, then rapidly, indicating successful programming.
    1. Locate the “learn” or “smart” button on the device’s motor head unit, usually in the light area
    2. Press and release the “learn” or “smart” button on the door’s motor head unit
    3. Return to the vehicle (within 30 seconds) and firmly press and release the programmed HomeLink button  three times to complete the training process.
  4. If this doesn’t work your door may have a rolling code feature and you need to do the following:

HomeLink contact info 800 355-3515 or

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