No One is awake, the topic is closed for discussion and I gotta tell someone!

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Okay so this is the part that I probably don’t have to tell you, I must really to a super GEEK! 1256am, writing code for a website and I am excited that this works!  So everyone and no one all at once get to know about it – thanks Billy Joe.

Anyway I am working on this website and I am trying to get the title of the page to display the same in a graphic.  = leave a template for the end user to be able to edit stuff + getting the titles on the pages to always be the same (therefore graphics), however I don’t want the graphic in the editable area, so I need to put in coded into the page, but the code for the page is dynamic…anyway here is the code, it works and I am really fired up! BTW this is for WordPress

$pageslug = $post->post_name; // name of the page (slug)

then use it like this (must be in the loop-duh!)

<div style=”float: left; margin: 0pt 20px 20px 0px; width: 100%;”><img id=”heading” src=”<? echo $pageslug ?>.gif” alt=”” /></div>

pretty cool and now hopefully, now that I have told you I can go to bed!

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