Apple’s Patent for iPhone & iPad Security is not only amazing, but amazingly scary!

Ok so check out the highlights of my ‘Big Brother’ Steven Jobs, yes they will go applauding as they lose their freedoms.  Don’t get me wrong I love technology and this is got some freakin incredible stuff, but WOW scary if you think about it.

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A recently unveiled Apple patent application has raised concerns that Apple intends to remotely detect and disable jailbroken iPhones and iPads. The patent application does contain the word jailbroken, but the description of the patent reveals powerful new remote security features and doesn’t really support the conspiracy theory, yeah right!

A blog post from provides an overview of the Apple patent application. According to the post, the patent technology would enable a variety of security features including “the device taking a photo of the thief (smile now) or recording the thief’s voice,” adding, “Apple’s iOS security is getting so smart, that it’ll even know what kind of vehicle that the thief is using your device in – be it a plane, train or automobile and notify the proper authorities.”

Five Ways the Apple Patent Will Improve iPhone and iPad Security – PCWorld Business Center.


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