Other custom iphone tones

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Okay post 2 I did the other the other night, but just decided I would start cataloging my stuff so here I am tonight call me Julie & Julia.

Apparently for this one I am going to need to get some kind of ftp program to connect to my iphone, seriously Steve why couldn’t it be like my regular ipod where I just have it as an extra hard drive is it really that bad that you have Gates envy, I mean seriously! You did it on the ipod, okay I digress from the rantings of the past 3 years nearly as old news, just still current frustration.

So pressing on…Here is the article I am referencing for changing other tones!

Here are suggested ftp programs I will see shortly from cnet.com

SFTP to the iPhone using Cyberduck (Mac) or WinSCP (Windows) or any other SFTP software

Okay so I start reading this and it only works on jail broken, so pressing on I will let you or in this case me know by putting it here where I can find it when I find the way to do it.

I guess the first smaller task is getting word and excel on my phone.

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